Muttropolitan Walks

Licensed and insured dog walker in the West Downtown Toronto area

At Muttropolitan Walks we aim to hit three simple yet important points.

Engagement, safety and reliability.

We want every animal we care for to feel engaged throughout our visit and relaxed after. Whether that means a slow sniff and stroll around the neighbourhood, a vigorous game of fetch, a romp through nature or a snuggle on the couch, we cater to your animals needs and desires.

We want you to feel confident in knowing that the safety of your furry family member is of the upmost importance to us. This is why we only use positive reinforcement to avoid dangerous and unwanted behaviour and we make every effort to ensure our surroundings are as safe as possible at all times.

Lastly, we want to make sure that you are never worried that your animal will be under engaged after a walk, or left without a visit at all. We at Muttropolitan Walks take our accountability very seriously and aim to be on time every time. This insures that an expected routine for you and your pet is put in place and everyone’s needs are constantly met.

Feel free to send us an email, or give us a call for a free meet and greet! We would love to have you in the pack!

The health and safety of our clients are of the utmost importance to us. Some of the steps we have implemented to help keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible are listed below.

  1. Masks are always worn.
  2. Curbside pick up/ drop off is mandatory for all non-essential workers
  3. The use of my leash system to avoid cross-contamination
  4. The use of a Clean Key for all door handles and button pushing
  5. Hands sanitized after all contact with any surface

We must all do our part and we are 100% behind in making sure you are happy with the services you receive. If you have any questions regarding our process, or would like to set up a free digital meet and greet, please don't hesitate to contact us!


The needs of our furry friends differs greatly. Some want to walk, smell and explore forever, while others catch the first drop of rain and they'd prefer to do thier business as soon as possible before heading back to the warm spot on the couch.

We understand that sometimes, we might have a busy week and are unable to take our friends for the walks we want to, or that sometimes life gets in the way of routine and a quick break is needed to hold them over for the long walk with thier favourite human at a later time.

We at Muttropolitan Walks have taken that into consideration and offer these 4 services for walks. If additional information is needed on any of our services, please dont hesitate to reach out!

Potty Break

15 Minutes - $13.00

Whether you new puppy needs a quick training break outside to keep up with the routine or you dont have a backyard and just want your furry friend to have the a small relief during the day.

Sniff and Stroll

30 Minutes - $18.00

When you have a bit of a rambunctious pal who needs a bit more than just a quick trip outside, a liesurely stroll around the block should do the trick.

Adventure walk

60 Minutes - $35.00+

Need a couple hours in the morning to get things done? How about an adevnture? A nice drive and walk through the woods for your furry friends will have you crossing off that last thing on your to-do list before lunch.

*Please note, that we do board from time to time. To find out more information, send us a message using the contact form below.


Good reviews help give confidence that previous clients have been happy with our services. This is particularly important when you are trusting someone with the care of your furry loved ones.

Please click on the image below of our happy clientelle to read a review by thier human.

Service Area

We provide our services from Davenport Road to Queen Street West and from Lansdowne Avenue to Shaw Street.

If you fall bewteen our boundries, please feel free to set up a free meet and greet today.

If you don't, don't fret! Contact us and we will try to make it work or help you find someone reliable from our vast network of dog walkers.

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